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What you need to know when choosing furniture
09 October 2013
Що потрібно знати при виборі меблів

When choosing a school furniture, as opposed to the acquisition of household or office, it is necessary to take into account some special features. Not only will you enjoy it outwardly or not. Almost all parameters of furniture limited to the requirements Gospotrebstandarta and sanitary - epidemiological service of Ukraine. On the one hand, it limits the ability of engineers and designers, on the other hand - is a guarantee of the health and safety of children.

   It is important to know of what materials made ​​school furniture. In the manufacture of student desks and furniture used laminated chipboard class E1. To ensure the continued operation of the edge worktops student desks should be decorated with skirting tape PVC. If the paste over the edge worktops paper or melamine edge tape, it is usually damaged in the first few months of operation.

    The back of the chair and the seat should have a physiological curves and angles, the value of which is determined by the requirements of Gospotrebstandarta Ukraine. These requirements are determined not only ease of use of student chairs, but also safe operation. Sitting without bending the front edge of a negative impact on the blood supply to the baby's legs and bend and tilt back to back position. These requirements make it undesirable for use parts manufacturing student flat plywood chairs.


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