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T-shaped chair height-adjustable No. 2-5
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T-shaped chair height-adjustable No. 2-5 
Dimensions: 331х417х618-738 mm. Weight: 4,57 kg .
Seat back size: 320х160 mm. Seat size: 320х330 mm.
The chair can be adjusted in height:
  • 300 mm (№2) – for pupils with height from 1150 mm up to 1300 mm;
  • 340 mm (№3) – for pupils with height from 1300 mm up to 1450 mm;
  • 380 mm (№4) – for pupils with height from 1450 mm up to 1600 mm;
  • 420 mm (№5) – for pupils with height from 1600 mm up to 1750 mm.
The chair consists of overlaid seat, seatback and metal frame. 
  • width - 331 mm;
  • depth - 417 mm;
  • height – 618, 658, 698, 738 mm;
  • height up to the upper base of the seat - 300, 340, 380, 420 mm;
  • seat - 320х330 mm;
  • seat back - 320х160 mm.
The seat and the seat back are made of sloping-glued plywoodof 8-9 mm thickness. The edges of the seat and the seat back and the front side of the seat have a radius of rounding to prevent injury.
The frame of the chair is made of flat-oval tube 30х15х1,2 mm, 38х20х1,2 mm and 50х30х1,2 mm with applying of powder paint. The seat back and the seat are fixed to the frame with the help of screws. 
Adjustment is imlemented through end-to-end nut-screw stitching with fixation of cover nut inside the tube for impossibility of unscrew in the course of  shattering.  At the lower part of the frame there is a hole in the form of a circle, through which a marking of height groups can be seen while adjusting the height on the right rack from the side of the pupil.
Plastic tips are fixed on the end faces of the frame which prevent injury to the pupils and damage to the floor.
Frame color: green (RAL6018), grey (RAL7035) or yellow (RAL1018).