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Student`s T-shaped chair on a square tube, height groups №3-5
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Student`s T-shaped chair on a square tube, height-adjustable, height groups №3-5
Dimensions:  380х420x682-762 mm, h=340-420 mm.
Seat back size: 380x200 mm. Seat size: 380x350 mm.
Weight: 4,45 kg.
The chair can be adjusted in height:
●             340 mm (№3) – for pupils with height from 1300 mm up to 1450 mm;
●             380 mm (№4) – for pupils with height from 1450 mm up to 1600 mm;
●             420 mm (№5) – for pupils with height from 1600 mm up to 1750 mm.
The chair is intended for equipment of school rooms in educational institutions. 
The chair consists of overlaid seat, seat back and metal frame. There is inner polyurethane sleeve at the places of height adjustment which insures fluidity of adjustment, eliminates creaking and scratches while height adjustment, gives ergonomic uptodate look.  The seat and the seat back of the chair are made of plywood of not less than 8 mm thickness. The seats and the seat backs are covered with water-based varnish. Metal plates-eyes are welded to the metal frame of the chair to which seat and seat back are fixed. Such type of fixing enables to install/uninstall seats and seat backs easily and if necessary to change them in future. Fixation of seats and seat backs to the frame of chairs is implemented with the help of screws of special mushroom-type form and nuts of rounded form, which prevent injury and damage to the clothes. The edges of the seat and the seat back have a radius of rounding to prevent injury.
The construction of the chair is stable and adjustable. Materials of which the chair is made are eco-friendly and are allowed for usage by current sanitary legislation. The frame of the chair is made of square tube 25х25х1,2 mm and 20х20х1,2 mm with applying of powder paint. 
Plastic tips are fixed on the end faces of the frame which prevent injury to the pupils and damage to the floor.
Frame color:  green (RAL6018), grey (RAL7035), yellow (RAL1018).